Parfums 06130


I grew up in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, raised by a family of perfumers. My predecessors dedicated their lives to this unique industry through the ages: as early as 1660, Maitre Parfumeur Jean Chabert gained acclaim in Lyon for his perfumed essences, perfumed waxes, and fragrant soaps. Three centuries later, my father, Claude Chabert kept the family tradition alive by conceiving fine fragrances in Grasse and New York City, and my uncle Jacques held the reigns with flair into the Twenty-first Century.

From the 17th Century until today

Eager to share my passion with perfume aficionados, I founded Parfums 06130 in 2003, with my sister Virginie (a fine-jewelry designer), as my artistic advisor. I named my perfume house after the postal code of Grasse, my family's hometown and the cradle of our lineage. I envision each perfume as an entity of its own, multidimensional and free from the shadow cast by an individual parfumeur créateur. Each 06130 fragrance begins with my creative impulse and is composed by several perfumers in symbiosis, under the technical direction of Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert. The outcome is a collection of fragrances born of a family effort.

I trust our clientele to recognize and appreciate our fragrances’ quality without a typical olfactory pyramid, which I believe afflicts perception with prejudgement. By abstaining to dissect our creations publicly, I offer a unique opportunity to experience perfume as I believe it ought: blindly and objectively. I invite perfume lovers to close their eyes and sharpen their perception, to experience each fragrance with a clear mind, devoid of preconceptions: to feel its quality and let it uniquely touch their hearts, recall old memories and create new magical moments. I hope your new fragrance will bring you (and those close to you) much pleasure.” N.G. Chabert