Parfums 06130

Selective distribution, to foster our customers’ sense of exclusivity!


Our selective retailer partners offer an exceptional shopping experience and outstanding customer service. Our perfumes are hard to find by choice: we only partner with retailers who offer the best customer service and the finest product selection. The small number of our retail partners validates demonstrates our effort to create and share on a small scale the best perfumes, and your experience with one of our retail partners is bound to be unique and unforgettable. On May 24, 2019 we proudly introduced our new perfumes to C.O. Bigelow, the oldest Apothecary in North America, located at 414 Sixth Avenue in New York City, and new retail havens are joining us worldwide. Please email us if you would like to locate a 06130 retail partner near you, or if you wish to feature our creations in your beautiful parfumerie or concept shop.

Send us your request if you wish to become our retail partner.