Cèdre (For Him/Unisex)

Our first featured men's fragrance was Cèdre, a scent designed by Raphael Haury -a young and gifted perfumer- for a contemporary customer seeking an outstandingly elegant scent.

Upon its launch, our Cèdre fagrance was featured by Time Out New York, which named it "Sexy" ... A concise and accurate description.

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Yuzu Rouge (For Her/Unisex)

Yuzu Rouge instantly became a success and was praised by publications such as New York Times' T Magazine and numerous fragrance aficionado blogs. This delightful fragrance features tea notes, with Yuzu, Verbena and blackcurrant.


Lys (For Him/Unisex)

Although named after the lily flower, Lys was actually inspired by Cédrat, one of its main ingredients, and was launched in Spring to be best enjoyed through the hot days of Summer. Both men and women can wear this unisex fragrance and feel the tingling, refreshing notes of bergamot, verbena and mandarin under the sun.

Lentisque (For Him)

Lentisque is our first men's Eau de Parfum, a fine fragrance for gentlemen not afraid to make a fashion statement; It is elegant and refined, and while it is appropriate for any occasion, it is best worn with your most elegant suit.

Lierre Rose (For Her)

Lierre Rose is a bouquet of fragrant white flowers, masterfully blended and extracted by Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert from essential oils. Because numerous floral perfumes exist today, we have conducted "blind" comparisons with store owners and retail customers in the United States and in Europe. Were we not surprised to find that Lierre Rose was consistently selected as the better fragrance, even over the most famed and marketed florals. Try it for yourself!

Feuille de Réglisse (For Him/Unisex)

Feuille de Réglisse features notes of Star Anis and Heliotrope, and is our least conventional fragrance. It remains unique even in the crowded world of perfumes available around the world, and some of the most critical writers and fragrance reviewers have observed that "it is everything a top fashion designer fragrance should be".