Welcome to our retailer order page.

Here, you can place your orders with ease in just a few clicks. The perks of our online ordering include:

- Expedited processing

Our immediate email notification means your order will not be accidentally overlooked and will be processed expeditiously.

- Online secure credit card payment 

Online credit card payment at the time of your order means no more billing for us, and no more keeping track of invoices for you.

- Free shipping

All online orders $200 and above (retail and wholesale) feature free shipping. We ask you, our retailers, to order a minimum of six fragrances (any scent combination) when replenishing your stock; This means you will always receive free shipping when ordering online.

- Free testers

When you order online, no need to ever request testers; a free tester is systematically included with your order of 6 or more of the corresponding fragrance. For instance, order 6 or more Lierre Rose and automatically receive a complimentary Lierre Rose tester.

- Status update

When you order via our retailer online store, you will receive automatic status update via email: one email to  confirm reception of your order, and one email when your order has shipped -so you know your order is on its way.


We will make tester adjustments on disparate orders based on total size: for instance, if you order 6 Yuzu Rouge, 8 Cèdre and 4 Lentisque fragrances (18 fragrances = 3 testers), we will send you 1 Yuzu Rouge tester, 1 Cèdre tester and 1 Lentisque tester, unless you specify otherwise in the special instructions section.