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Lierre Rose

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Parfumeur Jacques Chabert endeavored to compose a floral perfume of unparalleled quality; to achieve the utmost purity for this extraordinary fragrance, Jacques masterfully blended rare and costly natural components, known as absolutes, essential oils and concretes. Lierre Rose is an unparalleled fragrant bouquet of the most delightful flowers available in perfumery, and manages to layer its fragrant components in a most artistic and refined manner.

Top note: Indian tuberose concrete, rose, Cypress, Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Violet Absolute from Grasse, neroli

Heart note: Rose, Indian tuberose concrete, Jasmine petals, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Grasse Violet Absolute
Bottom note: Haitian Vetiver Oil, Tuberose Oil, Rose, Sandalwood, Indian tuberose concrete

Eau de Parfum 100ml